About us

Ha Ha Communications has been in the mobile phone retail business since 1998.

As our name  “Ha Ha” implies the sound of a happy laugh --- from our customers,  our aim is to achieve high standards of customer services,  so to make our customers happy.

At Ha Ha, all our staff are well-trained and well-equipped with professional knowledge and technical know-how so that they can provide sound advice to our customers as per their needs.

As a result,  we have gained wide recognition in the mobile phone industry for our professionalism and integrity through all these years.

We will definitely not be contented with our achievements in the past, and we will continue to strive to raise the bar to a high standard,  so to achieve what our slogan says --- “ Everyone is happy at Ha Ha”.

Looking forward to seeing you in Ha Ha Mobile Auburn.

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Phone:+612 9749 7688

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